Our Mission and Vision

“Providing proven and effective services, in collaboration with community partners, such that every client we engage realizes opportunities for personal growth"

Our Organization

RNJ Youth Services, as a service provider, as a collaborator and as an organization, believes in and upholds a number of key guiding principles and values:

  • We will always act in the best interest of our clients and our community
  • We are an inclusive organization, respectful of the contributions of a diverse array of clients and partners;
  • We uphold the principle of equity and fairness for all.
  • We are an organization that operates with integrity. Trust is earned.
  • RNJ is stronger and more effective when working in collaboration with others.
  • We will undertake our core mandate and respect the core mandates or others. In this manner a collaborative network will be strong and effective

Donation Policy

RNJ Youth Services is a registered Canadian Charitable organization. Donations received by the agency are directed to support services in our prevention and early intervention programs. Administrative costs are NOT funded through donation revenues.