Youth Justice Committee

The Youth Justice Committee for Leeds and Grenville is an alternative program to formal court proceedings that is accessed through our Extrajudicial Measures and Extrajudicial Sanctions programs. A youth and their parent(s) or guardian will meet with a committee of community volunteers and the victim. Together they will negotiate meaningful ways or "sanctions" for the youth to repair the harm caused.

The Youth Justice Committee Provides

A voice for the victim to express how the youth's actions have affected them.
An opportunity for youth to better understand their actions and how they impact the people they have harmed, their parents and their community.
Opportunity for communities to become directly involved in the administration of youth justice.
Timely and meaningful resolution to offending behaviour that avoids victims and witnesses having to go to court.
To be eligible for the program, the young person must be between the ages of 12 and 17 at the time of the offence. In addition, the youth must be willing to accept responsibility for their actions. Referrals are received pre-charge from Police and post-charge from the Crown Attorney. Some eligible offences include theft, mischief, property offences and minor assaults.

The Youth Justice Committee requires that the young person apologize to the victim for the harm that he/she has caused. In addition to the apology, the young person may be required to complete one or more of the following measures: community service, restitution, attendance in a group, voluntary participation in counselling and others as determined by the committee. Upon completion of the set measures, the police will not lay charges, or the charge(s) will be withdrawn by the court. If the young person does not agree with or fails to comply with the agreed upon measures, he/she will be returned to the formal justice system.

For more information view the Youth Justice Committee brochure: