Youth Mental Health Court Worker - YMHCW


The YMHCW Program provides support and services to youth aged 12 – 18 with suspected or known mental health needs involved in the Youth Justice System.  The purpose of the program is to identify the mental health needs of youth and provide referrals and make connections to appropriate services and resources in the community to address individual needs and redirect the youth away from the Criminal Justice system.  The Program is voluntary and requires the consent of the youth and parent/guardian.


Youth aged 12 – 18 (at the time of the offence) with mental health issues suspected or diagnosed and have charges before the court.
Youth lives in the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville catchment area.  Courts served: Brockville, Kemptville, and Perth. Youth residing elsewhere can be connected with YMHCW in other jurisdictions.
Referrals can come from the youth, their family/friends, crown/defence attorney, judges, court staff, police, probation, schools, mental health professionals and community agencies.

Program Features

Consultation: The YMHCW is a resource to youth, and their family/friends, and the court regarding community supports, information and referral.
Court Support: The YMHCW can provide court support to youth who are not eligible for a diversion but could benefit from similar services.
Mental Health Diversion: A voluntary pre-trial procedure where the Crown Attorney decides not to prosecute an accused youth.  This occurs when the Crown believes a mental health or developmental need is the underlying cause of the alleged criminal conduct.  The YMHCW and the youth work together to create a diversion plan that will connect the youth to appropriate mental health services and programs.

How to Access the YMHCW Program

Referral can be made at any stage of the court process
Contact the Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program at RNJ Youth Services:
779 Chelsea Street, Brockville, Ontario
Phone: 613 342 4238 Fax: 613 342 4211

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